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Exceptional 2020 GOTV efforts!

[Lovejoy GOTV postcard] Our League was extraordinarily active and creative to Get Out the Vote for the 2020 general election. From August 1 to November 3, these people (Terri Parks, Barbara Gunderson, Liz Zausmer, Alberta Roman, Ramona Gallagher, Patti Meyer-Lee, Linda Koenigsberg, Susan Dombrowski, Gretchen Ford, Liz McGough, Ann Zawicki, Shirley Joy, Mike Egan, Judy Huber, Mary Herbst, and Linda Barat) were active in these efforts and events: meetings with the Lovejoy Association; voter education/information Zoom sessions for the Ahmadiyya Group, the Federation of Jewish Women, the Buffalo Bills, the WNY Girl Scouts, Orchard Park High School teachers, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of WNY, and SANYS; six in-person and one virtual voter registration sessions; and two in-person voter registration/information sessions.

We distributed 1,500+ voter information cards, 10,500 election information cards, 750 buttons, 1,000 pens, 1,500+ voter registration forms, and 3,000+ early voting site lists through NOAH Niagara, PUSH Buffalo, food pantries, Meals on Wheels, colleges and high schools, the Buffalo Public Schools meal distribution program, Stitch Buffalo, the WNY Peace Center, and faith-based groups. With the co-sponsorship of PUSH Buffalo and the Buffalo NAACP and donations from Susan Dombrowski, Terri Parks, and Lori Robinson, we purchased 19 bus signs, which were displayed from September 3 through November 3.

[Election Information Card] We initiated the Lovejoy District Postcard Project. The following members and friends wrote 3,000 postcards to “unlikely” voters, using addresses provided by VOICE Buffalo: Barbara Gunderson, Sally Metzger, Janet Goodsell, Sandra O’Hara, Ramona Gallagher, Margaret Meyer, Julie Meyer, Susan Dombrowski, Ruth Haines Patti Meyer-Lee, Liz Zausmer, Amy Moritz, Marjorie Tritto, Barbara Brooks, Barbara Bunker, Margaret Sontag, Jennifer Hoffman, Melissa Weiksnar, Linda Koenigsberg, Judy Casassa, Mike Egan, Terri Parks, Gail Radford, Judy Huber, Mary Scheeder, Peg Mergenhagen, Andrea Baldi, and Nina Lukin and her children. We mailed them on September 23, and received a few thank-you phone calls to the office. Only about 100 cards were undeliverable.

With 2,000 election cards left after distribution, we initiated the Doorknob Hanger Project. Barbara Gunderson donated clear doorknob hangers, Terri Parks, Judy Huber, Linda Koenigsberg, Liz Zausmer, Susan Dombrowski and Ruth Haines inserted the cards, and the following volunteers hung them in the North District of Buffalo on October 17, 18, 24 and 25, using addresses supplied by Tyrell Ford of PUSH Buffalo: Lee Herbst and her husband, Peg Mergenhagen, Mary Scheeder, Jennifer Hoffman and her friend, Janet Goodsell and her sister, Mariely Downey, Carolyn Hoyt Stevens, Pat and Bill Townsend, Nina Lukin and her family, Mike Egan and her team, Onda Simmons and her friend, Becca LaCivita and her team, Barbara Gunderson, Liz Zausmer, Clare Rados and Maria Evancho. Liz Zausmer, Susan Dombrowski, and Barbara Gunderson mailed 375 remaining cards to additional Lovejoy residents on October 26 and 27.

[Bus Sign]